Maniac Workouts

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Working with a personal trainer, I helped consult on the expansion of his online brand to create a new app and a line of activewear. I designed A brand identity and logo that would be used across the board, from the icon for the app to the logo for social media and marketing platforms. It was also included in his new activewear.


I designed business cards as well as photographed the clients new clothing range. The images featured on the online shop
and were used on social media platforms for promotional and advertising purposes.

 High-key style images of products and the models were photographed in the studio using a clean white and black background. The high key images were used for the online shop to show the products simply and clearly.


Light experimentation was developed in the studio to create abstract photographs that would be used on marketing materials and social media. The photographs reflect the energy of the brand and creates a vibrant aesthetic portraying movement and high energy.