Personal Branding

Being busy with everyday life meant I had neglected my personal brand. Lockdown was the perfect opportunity as it gave me time to focus and refine my own brand identity. I redesigned my logo and updated all digital marketing platforms and promotional materials. Creating a clean and coherent identity, ready to market my prints and greeting cards and promote my photography business. 


Sometimes the original is best. I designed an eclectic mix of monograms using my initials P and B but afterwards, I still felt my original logo represented my brand the best. Once I had decided on the monogram, It was then just a case of refining the mark, creating bolder and sharper lines to create a solid and confident logo. (see below for before and after). I was inspired heavily by the minimalism of Scandinavian and Japanese culture and their typography. The simplistic and bold aesthetic was then echoed throughout the design of my branding.

My business cards take on a square format to stand out from the traditional business cards that are used. It's interactive and playful with text being made legible by rotating the card in your hands. A stylish accessory as well as a distinguished card.