Rough Hands

Commissioned by a local barista, I created a brand identity for his new business venture to open his first coffee shop. The brief was to create a logo, that is used for the shop's interior, exterior, and to design promotional materials. The client sells speciality coffee from local and global roasters which reflects both his keen interest in fine coffee and sustainability. The primary colour of the logo and branding was selected to convey an organic and traditional look, reflecting the ideals of the brand itself.


The logo was made into a sign for the inside and outside of the shop. As for the packaging, using a stamp was a great way to brand multiple products on a start-up budget. This ensured

a strong and simple look throughout the client's branding and packaging. Coffee cups, paper bags were all opportunities for advertisement and materials that can be easily stamped!

The sticker was designed to create a tone of voice and to use on packaging. 'From the Ground Up' is a reference to the coffee's organic, home-grown roots. It also reflects not just the product but the client and his start-up business. From the ground up creates

an authentic and organic tone of voice that cuts through the corporate noise of coffee brands.

Both myself and the client are environmentally conscious and wanted to make ethical decisions when designing packing and branding materials.  Brown bags and recyclable cups were a good start but the client also wanted to encourage people to bring in their own cups. We created loyalty cards that reward 10 refills with a free cake or coffee encouraging people to buy keep cups. The design itself is more compact than usual loyalty cards, which gives it a longer life. This is not only more environmentally friendly but it helps keeps costs low for the business as less card is used.